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Web Producer


⠒ Management TBWA Creative Tech to develop a facebook chatbot
⠒ Lead creative development and production for paid media content,
including long and short-form video, influencer integration, chatbot tune-in
⠒ Update STATUS teams of the projects under development
⠒ Give insights to the creative team for concept development
⠒ Collaborate with clients to develop and produce end-to-end social activations:
                   - Youtube Mastheads
                   - Twitter Paid Hashtags

Client: Walmart MX


Web Analytics Manager &
 Web Producer

2017 - 2018

Web Analytics Manager in Picnic Magazine:

⠒ Creative budgeting wizard with the practical experience to maximize production value
⠒ Create landing pages to sell events/courses/venues using stripe and PayPal to charge and classify leads to the next funnel channel
⠒ Communicate with internal stakeholders related to social media content revisions and other production topics
⠒ UTM tagging
⠒ SEO Optimize
⠒ Manage numerous projects at one time (website optimization, email marketing campaigns, alliances)
⠒ Complete work correctly and efficiently to meet appropriate deadlines


Digital Project Manager & Email Marketing Manager

2015- 2017

⠒ Responsible for leading project management to make sure all executions flowed between every department with ease, stayed on time and on budget, and ensure client satisfaction
⠒ Continuously assessed brand and company opportunities via digital analytics
⠒ Provided detailed project plans and summary reports
⠒ Oversaw monthly metrics reporting program, covering a variety of mediums including mobile, desktop, social and sentiment
⠒ Coordinated weekly resourcing meetings with management teams and analyzed MS Project staffing reports to plan for freelance and full-time needs
⠒ Managed digital content through TRELLO and performed audit reviews to identify system glitches, grammar and spelling errors

•Drive reporting and tracking processes, along with testing methodologies and results reporting; regularly report on campaign and lifecycle marketing programs
•Partner with cross-functional teams to develop a seamless user experience across email
•Work closely with other digital channels, omni marketing, and brand teams to fully identify and target customers for relevant and profitable campaigns

Clients: Nikon Cameras MX, Sidral Mundet USA, GAMMA Hoteles MX, OMRON MX

Alberto Torres is a Marketer based in Mexico City who was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Mexico Valley.
 In 2013, he graduated with a BA in Marketing from National Polytechnic Institute; Mexico City. Within three years Albert has worked with top of the line clients and especially the right people.
Helping them build their brands through uniquely executed campaigns. Albert has taken experience and expertise to produce a wide of high-end digital campaigns including: personalized videos through email blasting, chatbots providing customer service on Facebook, generating high qualified leads, making audiences by archetypes.


A few of the clients I’ve made magic for



*Fun fact - All these were taken by me